«Мурмания» - отзывы

Спасибо за отличную работу!/Thank you for your outstanding job!

«Мурмания» - отзывы

A group consisting of 18 Swedish tourists spent three great days in Murmansk. The program was various and very well organized. We were lucky to see the northern lights, remarcable village called Teriberka, the marvelous coast and water of Barents sea and many historical monuments and museums (including the first atomic icebreaker Lenin).
Many thanks to Murmanya staff and professional guide Oleg. I am sure many tourists from different coutries will be able to explore and enjoy beauties of these wonderful northern places.
On behalf of the Swedish group Irina Nyberg, Roskonsult

Ирина Нюберг

Откуда: Skara

Экскурсия: Мурманск


«Мурмания» - туры на Кольский полуостров